Introduction to Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

 Natural or (Bio-Identical) Hormone Therapy is a safe, effective and reliable medical therapy that combats the biological effects of aging. Dr. Charles Cavallaro is a specialist in Age Management Medicine and can prescribe a therapy that is tailored to your unique needs. 

 Our goal at LeanBodyRx is to bring you to a full body of wellness. We optimize your health through a series of steps that include exercise, nutrition, vitamin supplementation and bio-identical hormone replacement when medically indicated. At LeanBodyRx, our focus is PREVENTION of the diseases associated with aging. Dr. Cavallaro is a member of the Age Management Medicine Group, and is certified through C.E.R.F. (Cenegenics Education Research Foundation.) Dr. Cavallaro is a practicing physician with over 25 years experience. 

 Take a positive step toward your physical well-being and actively approach your biological age with complete and balanced hormones. 

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